CLACKAMAS, OR—(Jan. 11, 2011)—Castor & Pollux Natural PetWorks is continuing their commitment to helping pets in need.  The company that was the founding sponsor of Freekibble and contributed over 3 million meals to homeless pets now has a new partner for animal welfare— Oregon Humane Society.

Oregon Humane Society is the Pacific Northwest’s largest humane society. In 2010 alone they found homes for over 11,000 pets. OHS has fundraising efforts in place year-round. Castor & Pollux is giving OHS both financial contributions and donations of its natural and organic food for the dogs and cats in the shelter.

“When many of these animals come to us, sometimes they aren’t in good shape,” said David Lytle, OHS Spokesperson. “Being able to feed them a high quality, natural or organic food makes such a difference in their overall health and happiness, and that in turn makes a difference in the adoptability of these animals.”

In addition to the food and cash donations, Castor & Pollux is also working with OHS to educate new pet parents on what to look for when selecting a food for their pet. “Pets count on us to fulfill all of their nutritional needs,” said Todd Martin, VP of Marketing for Castor & Pollux. “It’s important for pet parents to understand what they are buying, and to make a choice that will benefit their pet and bring them peace of mind.”

Castor & Pollux products are available for sale at OHS’s onsite store. By purchasing their products at the shelter, or by redeeming special OHS coded coupons at retail locations, pet lovers are helping support OHS— Castor & Pollux returns a percentage of the purchase back to the organization. “The pets get started on a safe, complete and balanced diet, and OHS gets the support it needs to continue its mission of sheltering homeless animals and building a caring pet community in Oregon,” said Lytle. “I’d call that a win for everyone.”

About Castor & Pollux Natural PetWorks
Founded in 2000, Clackamas, OR-based Castor & Pollux Natural PetWorks is a leader in organic and natural pet products. Their ORGANIX® product line was the first certified organic pet food to meet all of the labeling requirements established by the USDA’s National Organic Program. Other featured product lines include Natural Ultramix® natural dog and cat foods and treats, GOOD BUDDY® dog cookies and rawhide. For the 3rd time in 4 years, Castor & Pollux was named to Inc. magazine's Top 500/5000 list. The company celebrates the love of pets in the family, and is committed to feeding pets in need. Since its founding, Castor & Pollux has donated more than 3 million meals to dogs and cats, and has established its PetWorks Partners program to continue its support of non-profit pet rescue organizations.

Kate Sheofsky January 11, 2011