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Organic Infographic by ORGANIX

Stocking Stuffers That Make a Difference

Bountiful Food #ShareGratitude And A One Year Supply Of #OrganicPet Food Giveaway

How Much Does Organic Matter Infographic: The Learning Process Of #OrganicPet Feeding

Eating healthy human food and feeding high quality canine nutrition is a constant learning process. I have been eating organic for almost two decades but I recently learned things I didn't know about USDA Organic Certification. 

When it Comes to Organic Food For Your Pet, How Important Is it?

Castor & Pollux’ ORGANIX surveyed pet owners to find out, just how important Organic food is to pet owners. Take a look at the infographic and find out what pet owners think. They also surveyed to find out how well pet owners understand the USDA Organic Logo and what it means.

Is Organic Important To You?

The value placed on organic food for pets compared to the rest of the family; what’s important about organic to pet parents; and common misconceptions surrounding the USDA Organic logo.