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Good Buddy Dog Treats

We believe that all dogs are good dogs. They are definitely our best buddies. They deserve a yummy, nutritious treat given as a reward for good behavior, a job well done, or to keep them engaged when home alone. Not to mention, just because we love them! The Good Buddy Treats line-up has snacks for all such occasions, and are a healthy, low-calorie compliment to a well-balanced nutritional meal.

Jerky Strips

Castor & Pollux’s Good Buddy Jerky Strips are a healthy way to treat your dog with a yummy protein-packed, all-natural snack that also has a wood-smoked taste that dogs love. Cooked with real chicken or fish as the number one ingredient, Good Buddy Jerky Strips are grain free, contain no gluten ingredients, are made of all-natural ingredients, and are cooked in the USA.

Prime Patties

Good dogs deserve good treats, and Castor & Pollux’s Good Buddy Prime Patties let you reward your dog in a healthy and nutritious way. These protein-packed treats are available in beef and turkey and offer your pup an all-natural snack with a delicious wood-smoked taste he craves. Good Buddy Prime Patties are grain free and contain no gluten ingredients, with protein as the as the #1 ingredient.  They are cooked with love in the USA.

Sausage Cuts

Castor & Pollux’s Good Buddy Sausage Cuts are delicious bite-sized treats that offer dogs a nutritious healthy snack with that wood-smoked taste that they love. The Sausage Cuts are protein-packed with chicken or beef as the #1 ingredient. They are grain free, contain no gluten ingredients, and are cooked in the USA.

Dental Chews

Good Buddy Dental Chews offer dogs an all-natural chew designed for fighting tartar and plaque and for naturally freshening breath. Compared to other dental chews, Good Buddy Dental Chews are grain free and contain no gluten ingredients. They are made with all-natural ingredients without sorbic acid or sodium copper chlorophylin. They are available in two sizes, namely Mini Bones and Medium Bones, to cater to dogs of all sizes.

Rawhide and Chews

Good Buddy Rawhide and Chews are both sourced and manufactured in the USA from start to finish. They are made from 100% beef and basted with a natural chicken flavor that dogs find irresistible. Good Buddy Rawhides and Chews are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to provide a delicious way to help keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean. Rawhide is also a great solution for aggressive chewers, or puppies that are inclined to chew on shoes, furniture, or anything they can find. Plus, they make great fetch toys.


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