Pristine Dog Food

Based on your answers, we recommend PRISTINE®, the most complete line of pet food made with responsibly sourced ingredients. Like you, we believe that ingredients that are responsibly raised, caught or grown make better food for pets’ health. That means:

  • The #1 ingredient in our meat and poultry recipes comes from animals that are responsibly raised with access to fresh air, natural light and space to roam like free-range, cage-free organic chicken and turkey and grass-fed lamb and beef.
  • Selecting responsibly caught fish in our seafood recipes, like wild-caught salmon, tuna and whitefish that has been raised in their natural habitat. We also offer several MSC Certified seafood recipes.
  • Using organic fruits and vegetables that are responsibly grown without synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides, on farms that care for the earth.
  • No artificial, preservatives, flavors or colors.
  • Grain-free recipes, with no corn, soy, wheat or gluten ingredients.
  • Cooked with love in a USA kitchen.