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It's the first natural food for pets to meet the strict USDA/National Organic Program labeling requirements. And it's also the most complete line of organic food for dogs and cats. But you'll discover the most amazing thing about ORGANIX are our ingredients: Organic chicken, organic brown rice, organic peas, organic quinoa, organic flaxseed, organic carrots, organic apples, organic broccoli—plus even more organic and natural sources of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

As part of our commitment to quality, safety and nutrition, ORGANIX is made in the USA, triple-tested and backed by our PetWorks Promise guarantee.

Starting with natural chicken and real pieces of fruits and vegetables for top nutritional value, Natural Ultramix delivers complete and balanced options for your pets. Wholesome nutrition means no wheat, no corn and no soy. No artificial colors or flavors. And absolutely no artificial preservatives

It also means that Natural Ultramix—including our proprietary Carnivore Health Boost mix for cats—is made in the USA and triple-tested to go above and beyond in our commitment to give your pets everything they deserve.

Grain Free Pet Foods

ORGANIX Grain-Free

Our ORGANIX Grain-Free formula is the first certified organic grain-free food for pets to meet all of the labeling requirements established by the USDA's National Organic Program. It's made with organic chicken, peas, and flaxseed, while extra probiotics help support digestion. 

Natural Ultramix Grain-Free

Our Natural Ultramix Grain-Free & Poultry-Free formula features real pieces of fruits and vegetables, and lists natural salmon as its number-one ingredient. This unique formula is a great natural option for dogs with grain or poultry sensitivities. 

Try Our Entire Grain-Free Line

Our extensive line of Grain-Free and Grain-Free & Poultry-Free varieties includes three dry formulas and eight canned varieties, featuring real vegetables, flaxseed and other natural ingredients for superior nutritional value.

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