How to Transition

From Another Food: Slowly transition your pet by choosing one of Castor & Pollux’s high quality diets for your cat or dog. Mix the Castor & Pollux food with your current pet's food over the course of 5-7 days. Continuously increase the amount of the Castor & Pollux food while decreasing the amount in your dog or cat's current diet.



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Castor & Pollux Pet Food

From Another Recipe: Because the base of our recipes are the same, you can rotate between our flavors without a transition period, unless your pet has a certain protein sensitivity.

From Diet to Diet: Visit our product pages to find a diet that is right for your pet. Recipes within the same Castor & Pollux diet are designed to be safely rotated. For example, ORGANIX Grain Free Chicken & Potato Recipe to ORGANIX Grain Free Lamb & Peas Recipe. Or Natural Ultramix Grain-Free Real Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe to Natural Ultramix Grain-Free Real Duck, Sweet Potato & Whole Peas Entree.